Hello and Welcome to Mystical Practitioners

Here at our site you can explore a wide array of wellness services and courses. Each modality offers immense benefits to

you depending on what you are currently moving through in your life. Our vision as Holistic Practitioner’s is to empower

people to move forward embracing their true joyous and authentic selves. Throughout our journey we have consistently

been shown that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.

Our intent, therefore, is to empower you to heal and embrace the true you. Each of us is made up of mind, body, and

spirit…if we are unbalanced in our connection with one of these areas then that unbalance will appear throughout the

very fabric of our lives.

Our goal in working with each of our clients is to facilitate uniting the balance of mind, body, and spirit once again. We

work holistically with integrated body/energy therapies and emotional processing to achieve the return to balance and

flow. We tailor your sessions to suit your individual needs.

A standard session is can be between 30 to 90 minutes and we combine any number of Modalities to achieve a true sense

of balance and wellness as the end result. Naturally, this journey, like our lives is a process. One does not achieve it

overnight, so we will work with you to create and follow a plan towards reaching your goals. The process facilitates you

releasing blocks and past wounds so that you may once again reconnect with your clarity, your joy and the universal

oneness and light that is you.

My name is Rita Marie Browning and the owner of Mystical Practitioners. I would like to thank you for taking the time to

visit my site and taking the time to help yourself.  Enjoy your stay. It is my honour to work with people like your self in

order to elevate the vibrational  wellness of ourselves and our planet.


Love & Light,

Rev Rita Marie Browning